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I wish to share a link to a specific message in Teams chat ... however only options are


Save this message

Mark as unread

Share to Outlook




the ability to copy a link to a chat message is extremely handy ... its available on say Slack why not on Teams ?   or perhaps its a config setting disabled at my work ?



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It's available for Teams channel messages, but not for chat messages. And it kind of makes sense, as the latter are private by design and the link can only be used by direct participants in the chat (1:1 or group).
Slack allows to copy any messages of any channel or chat, private or public. The person that click the link of the message will be able to read the message or not based on the account permission.

Is there any chance to see this implemented in Teams?

Imho is very convenient to be able to refer to any messages, knowing that only the right account will be able to read the message after opening the link.


That would be nice.

But - now one year later - I've got the same problem even within a channel. But the problem does not exist in all channels. In some channels I've got the "copy link" ("Link kopieren" in german) and at least in one, I only have the share via Outlook option /"Mit Outlook teilen").


Does anyone know why?



This really needs to be added as one or more persons you chat with directly could be in multiple chart groups (ie user1 & user2 in one group, user 1 user 2 & user3 in another) within the CHAT section and not within a TEAM and when you want to let a user know to check in X chat section for something you left them they have to first figure out which of the many chat groups you and they are in to find the text because there is no direct link. If there was only 1 Chat group for each combination of users that would be fine but that's not how TEMAS works so this really needs to be a thing. Access to read what the link references should be based on who is using the link and that would prevent private chart between user1 & uiser2 from being read by user3.


I think that You can copy link to a massage in standard channel, but it's unfortunatelly not possible for private chanell.

Thanks to the comments below I also realized I was unable to "Copy Link" from a private channel.

This in fact strikes me as even a worse potential violation of privacy, facilitating the copy of private conversations into e-mail for distributions. Copying a link is the most private mechanism, if a user is not in the channel they will be unable to read.

This is one of several significant functional gaps I have encountered transitioning from Slack to Teams, I hope Microsoft will continue to improve Chat functionality. Another huge gap is allowing threaded Chats, not just conversations in Team channels.
This MS teams feature is broken (as others have stated bellow).

Not having "copy link" prevents me from giving the reference to previous chats. Even if the user was part of the private conversation. All I can say to them is try searching for xyz....

I have over 100 chat channels or conversations to deal with. So giving me a simple way to reference them all should be a given. If it's private just pop an access request screen !
I am inviting three people to a Teams meeting. I want those three people to see the message I sent them in Teams chat (the same three people are in that chat), so I wanted to copy a link to that message to paste into the meeting invite. I get the privacy concern in the answer above, but that's solvable. Only people with access to that chat and that message should be able to successfully open the link. This is not the first time I've hit this, and clearly other users except this functionality too. MS, please consider.
Exactly, this sums it up perfectly thanks !

We have the exact same need. We often take a chat, rename it and make it a standing conversation, and need to send the link out to someone.  I am pretty shocked to hear that we can't do this


MS should get on this simple addition!

You said
It's available for Teams channel messages

No, it does not. Since monthes, it comes and go, for whatever reason (recurring bug most probably)
Such a pitty and a pain.

Same kind of observation. Would also be very glad to know why... and to have it "everywhere" !


Please Microsoft, do something with this... We was forced to migrate from Slack to MS Teams and everyday I get frustrated when I need to share a link from a message in a "Private Chat" to my mates.

It's better to don't talk about the Linux "Preview" client app and other topics. From my point of view Slack is really better in all senses, but definetively this topic about sharing the link to private chat messages is the worst issue and the one that drives me to frustration.



If M$ products were chosen because they are good, we would know.
They just have a very effective sales (/lobby?) departement.
Probably they even pay some IT managers here and there to be selected...
Sometimes I even want to share the link to an earlier message to the person inside our same 1:1 chat. Just to help them find sth. we talked about earlier. For me this makes a lot of sense and I use it quite commonly on Slack. If you don’t have the rights to read it, you are being made aware of the fact. As simple as that. Please consider this, Microsoft Teams Team
"private by design" --> that's the problem. The chats should not be private by design. That's the mistake. Who says all chats are private? MS should not dictate how users use the tool. Instead, the tool should be designed based on how users communicate.

MS should look at Slack. Slack has the perfect design for this scenario.

If there's anyone listening, the bottom line is: Links to messages in chats are a must. If you need help figuring out the privacy, look at Slack... or just contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Thank you

I will add my voice in support of this need.


I frequently need to capture the link to a specific message in a chat as context for an action that I need to take, or as a reference for a project I am working on.  I have as many as 200 projects (using the GTD definition of "project" as "an outcome requiring more than one action to realize") in flight at any given time, and conversations coming at me from every direction - some relevant, many not, some invited, many ad hoc, etc.

Three days from now, I will have an inkling that someone gave me pertinent info about a project (and likely also attached a file or included a table, etc.), I just won't remember exactly when it happened, and whether the person did so as part of one chat group or another, or if it was a direct message just to me.

What's odd is that I can get the URL for a private chat message through an integrated App.  I have the Todoist integration added, and I can make a Todoist task out of a chat message.  The integrated App adds the task to Todoist with the URL to the chat.


I can also do the same thing to OneNote with the OneNote integrated App in Teams.


I usually just do that, and then go to Todoist or OneNote to get the URL so I can copy it into my project references, but then have to clean up by deleting the task or the OneNote note.


If I can get the URL through one of those means, why can I not just copy it to the clipboard from Teams?  It's clearly useful, and clearly possible...

Great workaround with Todoist, I will try that out thanks!



You can also use the Share with Outlook feature. It will open another window, click Edit Link and copy the first part, without the references to outlook. It's weird that you can't share a link in Teams but can share it in Outlook or other apps. It's the same link and a real pain.


To help protect privacy, there could be a share link privacy popup like in SharePoint or Teams file sharing.

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best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)
It's available for Teams channel messages, but not for chat messages. And it kind of makes sense, as the latter are private by design and the link can only be used by direct participants in the chat (1:1 or group).

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