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Huge need:

Using a Mac: I am constantly needing to copy formatted text from another source (like Jira) and paste it into a Teams chat as plain text and am astounded that this cannot be done in Teams. It is a productivity killer to have to constantly paste single lines into the browser address bar or a search field and then select and copy again in order to paste as plain text into a chat. Worse is when the content is several lines and I have to open a plain text editor, paste, select, copy, switch to Teams, and paste. MS of all companies should be able to do this in Teams.

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Good call @Cloudstepper ,

Add it to the Uservoice! The Teams team looks at that source to decide what to build next.

Thank you @Marijn Somers. I thought this was that place. I appreciate you directing me to the right place.




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I was playing around with Teams one day and tried this, when you paste, use Shift + Option + Command + V, it appears to work for me.  The Shift + Option modifiers doesn't seem to work with the right-click menu, but it does wth the keyboard.



Yes, that works. Thank you very much for sharing!

For Windows users this is Ctrl+Shift+V. On some machines this keyboard shortcut is already assigned to some other action, like taking a screen shot. If this is the case then you can disable it in that application. For example, in HyperSnap go to Setup | Hot keys | Customize Keyboard and scroll down to Virtual Desktop the click the Remove button.

Thanks. Simple but great workaround, on Windows use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste something as plain text. It may not be a MS Teams feature, but a system feature. Solves it for many cases.

@cstepanuk Thanks, never noticed that there is an option to "Paste and Match Style" 


To make life less miserable, you can override the shortcut for this to be Command + V


1. open System Preferences

2. navigate to Keyboard

3. select Shortcuts tab

4. select App Shortcuts from the left side

5. Click on '+' to create a new App Shortcut

5.1 Select "Microsoft Teams" as Application

5.2 Enter "Paste and Match Style" as menu item

5.3 Set cmd-v as shortcut


Repeat for "Paste" menu item, setting the shortcut for it to eg. shift-cmd-v so you can still paste formatted things if you really need to..

@ikaakkola THIS is a great solution.  Thank you!

Amazing. Thank you so much for this.