Copilot for Teams features for Channel Meetings as opposed to Regular Meetings

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For several years, I've scheduled our small departmental meetings as channel meetings rather than one-to-many meetings.  I think there is a benefit to doing this.


We are now using our M365 Copilot trial licenses (1 Week) and I'm starting to activate Copilot during meetings.  This starts the transcription service and allows you to request a recap.  Because I also have a Teams Premium license - the meeting has a recap section - but that only works if you use the Teams Premium feature of recording the meeting - which starts transcription and offers a recap.  With Copilot - it seems you have to formally request a recap of the meeting.  If you leave the meeting first - you can go back into the chat section of the meeting and request a meeting recap after the fact.


But with a channel meeting, there is no separate chat section of that specific meeting.  The chat is in the channel and that's by design.  If you start copilot during a channel meeting - it appears that you MUST request the recap of the meeting while you are still in the meeting - because after you leave the meeting you lose the copilot session for that meeting and you can no longer ask for a recap - because the meeting is over.  You can, however, download the transcript after the fact.  However, you are then stuck with a transcript but no summary.  The best I could do was to re-download the transcription as a docx file and then open it in word and then ask Copilot in Word to "summarize this file."  Very awkward.


Bottom line - it's very unlikely that one can remember to ask for a recap of the meeting while you are still in the meeting.  And since you can go back and get a recap in normal meetings after you leave - one would expect you can do so in a Channel Meeting - but so far you can't.  All-in-all, while this shows potential - it is kludgy and painful at the moment.  I hope this is improved.  



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This is the biggest frustration I have with the whole offering, I'm a massive fan of co-pilot but nothing irks me more than forgetting to ask for meeting notes prior to leaving/ending the meeting and then losing it all without a faffy export to word. @microsoft if you only fix one thing with co-pilot/teams... let it be this.

I've removed Teams Premium from my account so I can solely focus on Copilot for Teams. Thanks for chiming in.

I 100% agree that's is very frustrating - copying a pasting the transcript elsewhere and asking for summary might work - but able to build summary post really need to be solved.