Converting Classic Department Sites to Modern Sites with Microsoft Teams


Hello Everyone, 


I'd like to get some feedback on my proposed general direction. I shall first lay out the current landscape and then describe the plan going forward. Any feedback is welcome and thank you in advance. 


Current State:

  • We have 1 Office 365 subscription; however it appears as 2 tenants
    • This is because we began online services back in the day (2009/2010) with BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) which was the precursor to Office 365.
  • Because we were early adopters, our tenant is oddly comprised to 2 domains
    • Our old site collections begin with
    • Our newer site collections begin with (no portal1)
  • This also means we have 2 root sites (portal1 and non portal1)
  • One issue I have seen with the dual domains is that we cannot utilize the create a list from an existing list option
    • If I'm in a site, I cannot create a list from another list that lives on a site
    • In the past I had issues creating powerapps from sites as well
      • I believe this have since been resolved
  • Unfortuately, 99% of our data lives on the old sites and sub sites
    • Additionally that 99% of data is nested in sub, sub-sub, sub-sub-sub sites within a single site collection

Where I'm trying to get:

  • The plan is to create new site collections for each functional area (Technology, Marketing, HR, etc) in their own separate site collections
    • The new sites would have the domain
    • We would eventually deprecate all sites after the data is copied to the new locations
    • We will utilize Hub sites for each functional area to share general info with all staff; however, each function area within a major arm of the company will also have its own modern Team site where they do day to day work
  • One of my major questions with this is...should we attach Microsoft Teams to those functional Team sites or should Microsoft Teams NOT be used for permanent type situations?
  • Another major question is....what happens if we do attach a Microsoft Team to a functional area and they decide they don't want/need a MS Team?
    • As I understand it, we cannot remove a Microsoft Team from a Team Site without deleting the entire site collection and its contents

Thank you for any suggestions you have. Also, is there anyone else in the same boat as us (early adopters with basically 2 types of URL's in a single tenant? [ and] ?

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