Convert Large Zoom Room to Microsoft Teams

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I'm looking to convert a large Zoom Room to a Teams Room. We have 2 cameras (Presenter and Crowd) and multiple microphones. We use a QSC Core 110F as DSP and Control. We have 3 video outputs from the Mac computer with a video matrix to 5 video displays. Use an iPad for the Controller. It looks like I need change out the computer and ipad to a windows box and a Logitech Tap for control. Questions:
1. Does MTR support 2 cameras?
2. Does MTR support 3 video outputs?
3. What are the computer and graphic card requirements to support this configuration?
Thanks for any feedback you can provide. If there is a dedicated MTR discussion, please provide a link. I've search and can not find much information on MTR, except a list of equipment which says Core i5.

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@BryGuy77 MTRs do support multiple cameras but you can’t customise the name like you can in Zoom Rooms.

So you’d just need a Logitech NUC and Tap bundle or Crestron C series.

MTRs only support dual screen outputs (as the 3rd screen is the CoR console).