Conversations and List/Database Connectivity

Brian Culp

I am looking to manage/contribute to a Sharepoint List or database directly in the Conversations section of teams.  Is there any built in functionality for this?


For example - 

In Conversations I type #TestList  and then a form appears with drop downs or input boxes for each one of my List Items.  The user presses Submit and that is logged in the conversation and then is updated in the Sharepoint List.  That way individual conversations can take place regarding that List Item and we also capture the core data of that event.


I could drive this from the list side and use Flows to broadcast those changes into the Conversation but I am hoping to keep it all on the Conversations Tab.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds like a bot, which today would either be  a custom development or a third party service like https://atbot.io. You would state a conversation with the Bot and it would ask a series of questions for the fields of your list, keep this as like chat so you can be consistent across desktop and mobile device interactions.



I agree @Steven Collier, there's no good way to get a form into an ongoing conversation in Teams that I know of. I actually built something that does basically this using AtBot (thanks for the shout out!) and it took me... maybe 15 min to build the process.


It's an expense submission task the bot performs using language understanding to know 1) who submitted the expense, 2) how much it's for, and 3) what the expense was. The bot then asks for a photo of the receipt. Below is a screenshot video of doing it on my iPhone. This is in private chat, but it can just as easily be kicked off in a Channel in a Team.


Video: https://youtu.be/zc5QPj4ZI2k


The final results get uploaded to a SharePoint library, which, if you wanted to, you could add as a tab in the Team. Note that all the columns are completed automatically from the bot. If I had forgotten to give the value, the bot would automatically ask. You could connect to any other database, though, if you want. cc @Brian Culp


AtBot Expense List.pngWhere the receipt and expense data ends up -- a SharePoint library.


This is a screen recording of an iPhone showing how AtBot can be used to kick off submission of an expense, where it uses a smart analysis tool called LUIS Intent Vectors to identify who made the submission, how much it's for, and what the expense is. The bot then asks for a photo of the receipt.
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