Control Guest's permissions in Files tab in Teams

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Hi All


I created Azure guest accounts and consultants reported permission denied when accessing the Files tab in the Teams channel. I followed the instructions in this link and changed from only people in your organization to existing guest users only. Problem solved. The files are accessible in the Files tab. 

Is there a way to set the permission to view only? if so how?




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Hi @gustavo-IT ,


SharePoint wise you could set the default permissions when sharing say a link with Guests to view, but like it says that is just setting the defaults and is on a per doc/folder level.


You could of course also use good old fashion SharePoint permissions and add the Guests with the necessary permission levels but that could become a nightmare to manage.


Another problem is also the fact that by the very nature of a Team, you add members and have owners of Teams and they then by definition, SharePoint settings permitting when it comes to files have access to all parts of a Team with a few Teams Guest specific settings aside.

So you would effectively have to break the above cycle and then mess with the SharePoint permissions of the respective Channels folder or you could do it at the Default Shared Documents Library backing the Teams level.


Another way to go would be to leave the Files tab alone and make use of a separate SharePoint document library, permission accordingly and surface in the Team by way of a Tab or a Cloud Storage Link. At least this way you can still manage the Team access with relative ease and know that you are not messing with permissions pertaining to the default storage location used by Teams.