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Timothy Merridew
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Is it possible when presenting Powerpoint slides in a team meeting, to start presenting the slides and get part way through for example slide 8 of 15 then to change the screen sharing to show something in further detail and then to continue the slides from slide 8. When I've tried so far it starts the slides from slide 1 again.


This would be very useful when presenting training materials etc.

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Hi @Timothy Merridew,

Unfortunately not. If you come out of the Powerpoint and return to it then you will return to slide 1.

I think its a great ask and would recommend raising a uservoice here:

As an MCT I also need to deviate away from PowerPoint time to time. A workaround is to share the desktop and then switch out: but this isn't ideal and it would be better to both switch between PowerPoint and other apps in Teams and have persistent PowerPoints if used in the presentation.

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris
Great! I have voted on it thanks for raising.

Best, Chris
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