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my organization uses teams and each week we have a production meeting where we share meeting minutes.


most people in my orgnization can "pop out" the content so that they can see all participants and the shared content on different screens. However for others of our staff, they see the pop out icon, when they try to select it notes "this isn't available on your deice"


All people involved are running on teams version, updated November 16th. all parties are also using the desktop app. 

We are all using Microsoft 365 on our buissness accounts.

We are all inside the same office location.

The person with issue is using a Surface device, however i have others using the surface that are able to "pop out" content.


I've seen a few others having this issue on this forum, however not since the Nov 16th update.



Stanley North


Edit to add: Seems it is an issue with the Surface tablets themselves, the Surface laptops can pop out content just fine. 


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This is what we know about this feature on different devices:

"Majority of modern devices with medium and high-end hardware will support popping out content into a shared window while in meetings. As Microsoft continues to fine tune the experience, there may be more support in the future for other types of devices with less performant hardware. Also, we will list the specific supported hardware configuration at GA."

Maybe is this the reason?