Contacts sync on migration

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Hallo Community,


my users keep asking , what happens with the already created contacts in Teams (Islands Mode) when migrating from SfB OnPrem to Teams Only. I did not find a good documentation from Microsoft. Can anyone explain that process and if the contacts get overwritten?




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@M-4corn The existing contacts will remain, but a sync occurs as people move to Teams Only that will bring over any contacts added to SfB.

Thank you for the reply.
But what happens to the Contact Groups, if there is a group in SfB & Teams with the same name? Will both be available after the migration to Teams Only?
Yes, both contacts group will still be available in Teams Only mode. If the contact group name in SfB is same as in Teams (Contacts created while it is in island mode) then contacts will merge within that same Contact Group. If the Contact Group names are different in SfB and Teams then both Contacts groups will be available once users are migrated from SfB to Teams Only mode.