Contacts removed in MS Teams

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Hello All


We have two users who have lost the contacts in teams , I mean all the contact groups i.e favourites and other created contact groups. Does any one have any idea how we recover them. I am not sure about how teams contacts are backed up

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@Ummernayeem Same for me in the Teams App, with the browser they still exist. 
Think it is a performance issue for the moment.

@Ummernayeem Since this morning contacts are back in the app :smile:

Same for me.

Mine are still all gone.

Questions for every team that I subscribe to should I have my contacts list populated with those members? Or do i have to manually add those? Thank you

@stormlight You need to manually add contacts to the list.

Handy tutorial :)

Thank you,

I just confirmed with the other owner of the channel that when we first setup the org channel they had everyone in that channels contacts under the chat area. Not sure what’s going on. I’ll create a new thread.

I have this exact issue for one user in our tenant. Has anyone found a solution yet?


We have the same problem. Contacts are gone in the teams client and in the browser. (The user can still see them in her smartphone app.)





I have the same issue with Teams Desktop App.


- My solution sign out of Teams Desktop

- Login using Web App

- Download Desktop App again

- Sign back into Desktop App


Worked for me.

Hi this didnt work for me.

Still no contacts in my 'Contacts' list.

Only thing different I have had to do recently is changed my password, its linked to our AD passwords which expired?



I'm having the same issue for weeks now. Contacts are still gone. Is there any update or workaround to solve this?


Have you tried removing the Team client cache on your device?

There is a good blog post on Commsverse about this:

I've had the same problem for a while, but didn't spend much time looking for a solution. I just realized that at the top of the Chat pane is the word "Chat" with a down-arrow next to it. If I click the down-arrow, I get a choice of "Chat" or "Contacts". When I select "Contacts", my contacts all show up along with my favorites. This may be the case with others who asked... hidden in plain sight.

@davidsturman If only that were the issue. For the users we have, it's not the case. If they go to: Calls > Contacts, that page is empty.

I also have this as a multi user problem. How are they sync'd and how can we check this in further detail?


Same issue here on one of our Clients in our Tennant.