Contact list is finnaly here but it can be improved


Finally after being delayed for months the contact list is here, having been limited to 15 favorites without groups has been frustrating. I think that there is room for improvements though and I have made several suggestions for changes to be considered in UserVoice.


Merge recent and contacts tabs or move contacts to right side


Allow rearranging contacts and groups
Remember expand/collapse contact groups
Contacts as default rather than Recent

What do you think (comments on specific ideas are probably better to submit in UserVoice)? Do you have more ideas regarding how to improve contacts together with recent conversations and teams/channels?


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Agree, many of these it's like they rushed it out there on some obvious missing functionality. Hopefully since the tech is in place, they can quickly brush up the UI now.
Do you know if the appearance of the contacts list is affected by what CsTeamsUpgradePolicy has been set for a user? eg Would a user set for 'TeamsOnly' still get the contacts imported?

Unsure, I think I might have gotten contacts imported while in "legacy" mode though.

One more "idea" Show user is typing indicator in contact list

These are all good suggested, but the biggest missing piece is the ability to add multiple phone numbers for each contact. For example, I would like to add cell phones for each contact. But can't do that! At least I haven't figured out how to. If anyone knows that this can be done and how to do it, please let me know.

One way to go about it might be to update your profile through delve but then I guess everyone would have to do it themselves. Not sure if you can view it through teams though maybe "Who" bot can show more information.

All great ideas! I find contacts a very frustrating area of Teams. The small but important features seem to be forgotten in favour of the big ticket items. I have a few more ideas here, please vote!
Yeah contact view needs a lot of work, like this new one I just reported

I would prefer it if it was removed completely and everything from it (without the issues) was merged into the recent tab. Then you could even add important group chats to your contact groups and you wouldn't need to waste time switching between all the tabs (even merging Teams & Chat should be considered).