Consult then transfer function - set default consult option

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set the default consult option for the "consult then transfer" function?

I want to set the default consult option to "Teams audio call" and not "Chat".


Thank you for your answers :)

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@preuley30 did you work this out at all? I would like to do the same thing.

nope, sry... no news on my side :\
Any news on this? You'd think as a replacement phone system a call would be default over a chat...
I would really like to see that as well!

I could swear that the default-option was "call" until a few months ago. Sending a chat-message to request transferring a call is just stupid. Who on earth wants to do that?
We got used to it and ask over chat if it's okay for transferring the call. But we have some customers who want to make "Call" the default option. Completely understand this requirement... But unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't want to give us such an option, sad story.
Also looking for this option. hoping a reply at some point will say how to do it.

We would also like to see this changed to the default option "call".

Hot transferring via chat does not make any sense. 

Me too, chat option by default is no good. Having to train the receptionist to change it to call every time is just a waste of time, she's not happy!


Yes my organisation of approximately 1000 Teams voice users would also like the ability to set default Transfer method to voice call (rather than Chat).


I confirm that so many of our customers also often ask us for this setting or as option 1 call.


Hi, did this ever get fixed/implemented? I am finding the same issue.