Consult then transfer can only chat in mobile app in direct routing



First of all, I appologize if this question been asked in other post. 


When doing transfer call from PSTN to another user using desktop app, the "Consult then transfer" works fine, even when transferring to external phone number (PSTN or mobile number). But when using Android mobile app, "Consult then transfer" can only using chat when the target is another MSTeams user (same domain/organization). There is no other options, it directly brings the chat. 


I still can do "Consult then transfer" using voice from mobile app when transferring external number (PSTN/mobile) although that's the only logical way since I cant do chat to transfer call to such target.


Is this how it works/limitation when on mobile app? 


Thank you in advance. 




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I have the same issue, haven't found a solution or explanation yet. What I have tested is that when the chat window pops up, there is a white phone button on the right side of the name of the user you want to consult (above the black transfer button). If you press it, a call will be initiated and you can consult and then transfer. Still annoying that the functionality differs in the windows client and mobile client.

How did I miss such obvious thing??? Thank you very much for pointing it out! I think this should do for now in my org, and, sure, it will be nice if one day there are two options just like the desktop version.
I have an issue that I've noticed with this - Our tenant seems to have the availability to call the person directly when searching for a consult in iOS. The call connects and you are able to talk to the consultee, but as soon as you hit the transfer option it refuses to transfer (which is unideal from a customer perspective). Wondering if you have the same issue?



I do not have issues with transferring calls after consulting. This sounds to me like a more general issue with transfer itself. Does cold transfer work for you on mobile, PC, etc.? Does C&T work on PC client, web client?

@aszabo1984 The consult then transfer works well globally EXCEPT on the iOS version.
It gets it self stuck after the voice consult (during the transfer of the call). Its a very frustrating bug as we deployed iPhones out to staff in order to help with queue pick up times, but without a decent transfer solution it leads to poor customer experience! I've tested both conference enabled and disabled queues. No difference :(


In regards to a cold transfer, they work perfectly fine on iOS.


We are on direct routing (SBC is managed by our network supplier)

Could be a bug. At our newest site in Turkey, every call queue call is showing up as "incoming video call" on iPhones. Only in Turkey, only for call queue calls and only for iPhone users. MS devs are looking at it.

Dear Community, we have same Issues with a customer migration project, where the customer replaced all the DECT Handsets with SmartPhones and Mobile Teams App. The direct transfer option works and you can chose the business or mobile number target, But with the consultative option, only a chat windows appears on the Teams App. This brings a lot of question up from customer with negative user experiences


@msftPlease add this feedback to your roadmap planing of upcoming updates of the Mobile App


Tested on the Android Version of the Teams App


many thanks


There is already request for this in the feedback portal

Let's just vote the feedback and hope they will add it soon.