Connection failure - Microsoft Teams on Poly X50 which seems to be after the lastest update.

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Our Client has been using PolyX50's on Microsoft Teams successfully for the last year. Since updating to Poly 3.9 they are experiencing problems. If the system is logged into a Teams Room, the equipment works fine but once logged out they are unable to log-In again. 


The system looks to be signing in OK - The Company Portal in the Top Left changes to the Clients Name & it goes through to Adding Your Device to the Company Portal then it goes back to the Log-In Screen.


IT have checked The New Microsoft Firewall Rules & they appear to be fine. 

We initially contacted Poly but they say they haven't come across the issue & to check with Microsoft.





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@carolcallsmsuk  - Did you resolve this issue? I am experiencing exactly the same.  A client has an X30 and X50 . Both have worked previously. Both displaying the same symptoms. It is clearly registering with the portal as the company name is correct. I have downgraded the firmware to 3.8 to ensure it is not 3.9 related result is no different. 







Sorry, we haven't I.T. are going in tomorrow. Just out of interest is it a Corporate Client or a Government type organisation.

Its a small company with outsourced IT. Corporate with a small 'c'!
I'm in Touch with Paul Kennett from Poly regarding this. If I hear anything I'll get back to you
The Hospital tried it on a different VLAN & that appeared to work but they're not convinced that is the issue & are running further tests.