Connect to organisation ms teams from personal office 365 license, ms teams desktop

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I'm trying to invite a person to our team how is a student, and have a personal office 365 license. When inviting her she gets the link and all work well with the teams web app, but she cannot get the ms teams desktop app to work. 


It's like the personal licensed ms teams desktop app is somewhat different from the business version. 


Any ide what to do?

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Hi @bob_sacamano
I am using my private Teams account in different organizations where I was invited to, so there is no general issue with that. However there could be settings preventing her to login into the Teams app on her private device established by your organization - are you aware of any of these?



Well when i invited her she was able to click the link and access the teams web-app correctly. When clicking on open in teams desktop it opens her ms teams desktop app but there she cant se the team she was invited to and isn't getting the chat messages I've sent her (which she is getting on the web app). That would make me believe that the problem is in her desktop-app settings. Or are you aware of any settings that I as administrator could change in my organisation that enables or prevents a user form accessing the team via desktop app. 



Okay, this sounds a bit like she is signed into your tenant on the web app but not in the desktop app. Did she switch to your tenant in the desktop app? She won't get any notifications or messages in her "private tenant" which are coming from your organizational tenant. 


She has to switch through the dropdown menu beside her profile picture. Please check this for reference MICROSOFT TEAM APP - SWITCH ORGANIZATION - Microsoft Community



HI, thanks for answering.

Yes it sounds like it, but how do you swich. We'v tried logging her out and back in, but there is nowhere we found where she can choose to log in to our organisation. When she log out and log in using her usual credentials she don't get to choose organisation, she just gets automatically logged into her personal teams account. Is she supposed to enter some other credentials or something?

Before you could change organisation in desktop-app easily by clicking top right corner. Is there a separate version of business teams contra personal teams or something that's causing this?



Okay, this sounds pretty unfamiliar to me. Again, I am using both private and enterprise accounts with one client and it works perfectly fine (logging in/out, switching). 

Maybe it is worth a try do delete Teams, log into the organizational account through the web app and select download/install when prompted. But I am guessing right now to be honest! - Sorry!



Thanks for answering. Yeah I'll try that. Should have done that to start with but've been to lazy.

Hi @bob_sacamano 

Did you ever solve this as I am having the same problem connecting via the Teams app. I am begining to think you can not chat from a personal office account to a corporate Teams account.



Hi I have the same problems and its really annoying.


Did you find any way to solve this?