Configure multiple SBCs for teams multiple tenants

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I'm running a UCaaS platform.

To support large users of teams clients with direct routing, I will need to set up an SBC cluster(multiple SBCs) for teams multiple tenants, how can I configure it? I've read this guide but it's just for single SBC with teams multiple tenants.



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You should consider multiple FQDNs per SBC. For example the Tenant A should have and the same SBC for the tenant B should have Then you need to have certificate (with SANs) on SBC to supporting that.

Thanks for reply, yes, we considered this, but we have large users, we must need a SBC cluster for example 100 SBCs, the load balancing with them. @Petri X 

Hi Andres, I have read that, but this is not meets my requirements.
We have large users, we need load balancing for the SBC cluster, and we also need the solution for this scenario: a UCaaS tenant has more than 50K users, for communicates with Teams, a Single SBC can't handle it, so how the SBC cluster load balancing for this large tenant?

@Jason_portsip so you want to have 100s SBC clusters like using the Mediant 9080? And then all of these SBC you would like to offered for multiple different users from different O365 tenants? Then that would be interesting setup.


Perhaps you could do the load balancing for the SIP traffic itself, but let the RTP goes directly to the SBCes. But how to manage the session affinity for from Teams to SBC with load balancer, that would be challenging.


Perhaps I still prefer to have cluster per tenant (or multiple cluster per tenant) and then routing the calls from Teams to SBCs so that load is handled. Or if you have smaller tenants, then share the same cluster between multiple tenants with different FQDNs.


Have you considered to use Teams phone system instead?