Configure dynamic emergency calling (LIS Subnets)

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We have Direct Routing and we are planning to use dynamic emergency calling.

According to docs, we have to configure sites and subnets.

When I want to create OnlineLisSubnet, I get the following error :




> Set-CsOnlineLisSubnet -Subnet -LocationId XX-XXXX -Description "Subnet 20"

LocationId XX-XXXX provided does not have Valid GeoCodes. Latitude=,
Longitude=. Please assign a Validated Location with Geo Codes




Latitude and longitude are empty in OnlineLisLocation, but powershell reference says "This parameter is reserved for internal Microsoft use."


From Teams client, calls are recognized as emergency calls but I cannot see any location info in SIP dialog on the SBC.


How to configure LisSubnet and dynamic emergency calling ? Does anyone have successfuly configured it yet ?



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@Clément Vauthier 

You need to create Emergency Addresses first. You can do this from web interface: Locations->Emergency addresses. The addresses needs to be validated.

Then, run get-csonlinelislocation and copy LocationID (It is some sort of a GUID). Use it for LocationID parameter of set-csonlinelissubnet.


Hi, thanks for your reply. But it is still not working.

I think my problem is that configuring EmergencyLocation is not available for France.

From web interface, when you create a new address in the United States or Canada, you can chose Latitude and Longitude.

When you create an emergency location in France, none of this are available, and these 2 parameters are empty in get-csonlinelislocation.

Seems this is currently not possible to create a French Emergency Address with Latitude and Longitude.

@Clément Vauthier 


Hi all,


Same issue for me : unable to associate subnet to LocationId with error about LocationID which does not have valid Geocodes and then no Emergency Location in Teams Client and then no PIDFLO sent to SBC Direct Routing

I try to assign longitude/latitude directly to the location (default and new location) because is not possible in french civic address using PS cmdle as mentioned.

Result seems good : "Updated Location 1bae61f5-1223-4d85-bde0-8003b3e7fef5" but no longitude/latitude appears in get-csonlinelislocation cmdlet.


Thank you for your help







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Is there any update? I'm very interested, because i try to solve the same issue.


King regards



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Hi All,

Good news ...

It's now possible to declare Emergency Location with Geocode (Latitude, Longitude) in country FR, UK ...

Then it's possible to declare LIS Location (subnet, SSID ...) and associated it with emergency location (before it was not possible due to no Geocode in Emergency Location other than US Country)

After good settings of Trusted IP, Subnet, ECP, ECRP and OnlinePSTN Gateway (PIDF-LO), it's work fine.

SBC received correctly SIP Call from Teams SIP Proxy with Emergency Priority tag and PIDF infos (ELIN declared in Emergency Location).

It will be necessary to configure SBC to replace Calling Number (or PAI) with ELIN before to send the call to PSTN Carrier to allow emergency call from any customer sites.




Hi, thanks for the update. I had to create a new location. Old ones need to be created again to set Geo codes correctly. Works fine now !