Configure Dial Out policies for all users

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Is there a way to configure a policy I can assign to users to block them from making international calls and limit them to domestic only. By default users seem to have international calling permission. 


I know I can go into each user one at a time and set this setting, but with hundreds of users this isn't a sensible approach. I want the default policy to be to block international, then a 2nd policy to Allow that I can apply to specific users.



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Hi @Swamps,


I'm assuming you are using calling plans from Microsoft. So you have a dial plan assigned that includes domestic and international and want to restrict the outbound calling to national?


Grant-CsDialoutPolicy is your friend to restrict outbound calls.

Get-CsOnlineDialOutPolicy shows you the policies available.

And indeed the Global policy is "InternationalAndDomestic"

I would suggest that during your user provisioning process you assign your users with a proper policy.





@Paul Lange There is nothing stated on the Microsoft website that this policy is exclusive to calling plans.