Conference room phone can't receive external calls...

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We have a Yealink CP960 phone in our conference room.  The phone works fine to call out and can receive calls in from other internal Teams users.  However, the phone does not ring when we call it from a cell phone.  On my cell phone, it just rings and rings forever but the actual phone never does anything.


The account associated with the phone has the "Meeting Room" license which includes:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Phone system
  • Teams
  • Skype Online (Plan 2)
  • Intune

We have also assigned it a Domestic Calling plan for external calling.  These were all assigned many months ago and nothing has changed.  I don't know if this has ever worked as it's rare that someone would call Into a conf room phone, but it came up yesterday so we want to figure out why this is happening.


Our entire phone system goes through Teams and devices are set to Teams Only for coexistence.  If anyone has any ideas on how we can figure out what might be causing this issue, please let me know.



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@Mike Boehm just heard true co-existence with Teams and PSTN calling isn't available right now, but will be within the next couple of months.   Presumably YeaLink will push out a new firmware that can do this.