Complicated chat settings.

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Hi all. I'm being asked to do a configuration for chat/conversations that I do not think is possible. 


For students. Have 1 to 1 chat disabled. Have chat functions in a meeting set up by the teacher. Have students be unable to generate a meeting. 


I don't think this can be done but thank you for any insight. 

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Regarding meetings you can setup a meeting policy and apply to students with
Meeting options disabled:

Same with chat messages:

I’m not sure if all your wishes will come true here but you can definetely come a long way with the policies in place

Hi Brian,

for me it looks like this should be possible:
1) Disable chat for students with a messaging policy -
2) Disable meeting creations for student (meetnow, scheduling) with a meetings policy, you can also enable/disable chat for a meeting here -



Thanks! This is how I currently have it configured. The issue is that also disables chat in a meeting that a teacher establishes. 

Thanks Adam. I currently have those custom policies in place.
Don’t include the teachers in the policy
I didn't. They are in a separate policy (3 custom actually). As soon as a user that has chat disabled enteres a meeting, it disables chat for that meeting.

That's my issue. I can't have private chat off, and preserve chat within a meeting.