Complex approvals within the Approval App of MS Teams

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Hi all,


We are looking at implementing a fairly complex workflow that manages the multi-stage approval of a process and one of the requests was that it could be done within the Approvals App of Teams.


Now the Approvals templates are too simple to pull this off as we would like to have a dynamic list of approvers and want to be able to attach secondary documents as it progresses through the workflow. I assume this can't be done via the simple templates (aka Forms) but rather will have to be done within Power Automate, but am unsure how we then 'trigger' the start of this approval purpose?


Any thoughts from people who have done this before?


Thanks in advance, 

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For that scenario, IMHO Approvals is not an option and you have to go to model your Approval Process with Power Apps and Power Automate. Of course, any approval happening in the process will be managed in the Approvals App