Completely remove SfB Meeting Room

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Some of the articles appear to be out of date when configuring a Teams Room MTR or at least when in a Teams Only environment.  Maybe there are more out there using both than what Microsoft seems to be referencing as their own recommendation (Teams Only Mode vs Islands, etc.)  


During the setup of an account, I ran the following command

Enable-CsMeetingRoom -Identity $newRoom -SipAddressType “EmailAddress” -RegistrarPool <RegPool>


In Teams Only, this will cause the MTR to keep trying to connect to Skype for Business and report as unhealthy in the Admin Portal.  Even Microsoft Support mentions this commend should not be used in a Teams Only environment.  The problem is, I have yet to find a way to remove this once added. The Disable-CSMeetingRoom does not seem to do the trick.  As even after running, the MTR continues to attempt to login and the Admin Portal continues to show Unhealthy on the SfB status.  


Is there another command that needs to be used?


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@Jeff Harlow 

What I found that I can using SkypeSettings.xml file  configure my devices.

You can find more about it here


I was trilled when I have noticed this string in xml


This was  light at the end of a tunnel , but it didn't do anything or I have applied it wrongly


Did you maybe , or someone else find a solution for our problem ?




@Zorky  Honestly, it just started working after a day or so.  I guess I was not giving it enough time before.   Will be running through this scenario again in a couple of weeks as we add another MTR device.  Will let you know if that changes. 

Hi Jeff, how are you? Any succes in the tests on the other MTRS?