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I am trying to understand limits in teams, but I am having a little trouble understanding the actual limits and what might be possible.


We had a request to look into running a company meeting on teams in which the presenters would be on webcam.  From the following link,  it seems the limit for when webcams or audio is involved, it should be a limit of 20 users.   We have been doing training where we have up to 24 people in a meeting with webcams/audio, which is making the 20 limit seem off to me.


We have about 200 employees, so I was trying to see if a team meeting could handle that when we are all viewing a presenter webcam.


Then I thought, "maybe we should use a live event." I did a test with that with a few people, without an eCDN. How many people can a live event handle without an eCDN? I don't want to go overkill, suggesting that we need things only an organization with 1000+ employees need.

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20 is the limit for meetings started from a chat (groupchat)

Teams meeting has a limit of 300 participants and they can have video, but only 9 simoultanious videostreams right now. (49 is coming)


Live events has a limit of 20 000 right now due to Covid-19 (normally 10 000) although this has a different purpose. Only dedicated presenters can use audio/video and attendees can only stream the live event, use moderated QnA etc..




@adam deltinger That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.