Communication with external users not working correctly

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We're running into an issue related to external users. Via the Teams desktop client (and web app), we're unable to chant with "External" users. They can reach us just fine, but we can’t send anything back.


Please note that chatting with "guest" users using the desktop/web client works fine, so this is only concentrated on "external" users.


We get the following warning when an external person is trying to start a chat and we’re trying to reply:


"due to org policy changes this chat is no longer available. continue with skype for business"


I can chat just fine with external users from the Teams mobile app to make the story even weirder. 


We did have SfB on-premise but decommissioned it 6 months ago (the right way), and this is verified by Microsoft support.


I have an open support ticket related to this case already running for almost 4 months, and Microsoft support cannot resolve it. All basic support steps are done by me and verified by the Microsoft support agent but without success.


At this moment, my ticket has been "escalated"  to an escalation Team for already 6 weeks without any response. So I'm running against a wall there.


I'm 100% sure a Teams engineer/Azure AAD expert should be able to resolve this issue in minutes when we're in this together. My point of contact insists that "someone" is "actively" looking into this issue (without asking for more information, there is total radio silence, besides some contact with the first level engineer), but judging by the time it takes to resolve this matter, I think we can agree that this isn't true.

I understand my point of contact (the first line support assistant who is talking to me and is doing her best) can't do anything and is entirely dependent on the escalation team.


However, for my company and me, it's just really, really annoying that Microsoft can't help us to fix an issue within a reasonable time (i think we can agree that 4 months isn't a reasonable timeframe for enterprise support).


Does someone have another way in or some troubleshooting steps I could still take to resolve this issue?



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