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Hi trying to make sure CAP is the only way to achieve a shared physical phone.

We're trying to get some Teams phones into some factories, where workers can use when calling in issues.

Ideally, I wanted to assign a service number to a resource account and assign the resource account to a Teams phone.

While researching to see if this was even possible i came across CAP and it looks like what i'm trying to achieve. It comes with additional costs, and of course i'm trying to avoid that too.

I just want confirmation that this is the only way to achieve what i'm trying to achieve or if theres an alternative.


Thanks in advance

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The Common Area Phone license would be the lowest-cost option to address that scenario. You wouldn't use a service number, you would assign a PSTN number to a user account like any other user, but the account itself will then be configured for the Common Area Phone experience. The licensing allow the use to sign into the Teams phone and place/receive calls with other Teams users and PSTN numbers.