Common Area Phone Sub-SKU

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Yesterday, I noticed a change in the sub-SKUs for our Common Area Phone licenses. Before the change, the license included Microsoft365 Phone System, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business Online (Plan 2). After the change, the license includes the same sub-SKUs with Azure Active Directory Plan 1, Exchange Online (Plan 2) and Microsoft Intune. Are others seeing this?

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@tom_wiley There is a Teams Phone "Ask Microsoft Anything" session this Thursday from 9 - 10 am Pacific Time - you might want to join to get your question answered: Microsoft Teams Phones AMA - Microsoft Tech Community

Thanks Therese. I've opened a case under our support contract and will reply here with where we end up.

@tom_wiley update, I opened a case with Microsoft, who wanted me to open a case with my reseller. My reseller wasn’t sure what was going on, so they opened a case with Microsoft.

As Charlie Brown would say "good grief!" Hope you get an answer. In the meantime, the AMA is still happening this morning.