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Hello Everyone,


I have a few CAP accounts setup and only have them logged into Yealink MP54s.  Most of them I notice the account status on the phone is Available (Green).  However, I have a few that keep going to Yellow (Away).


Is there a way to control the presence to keep them as Available?  Or figure out why they keep going Away? 


I have them licensed with the Teams Shared Device license.

I have the phones set to NOT go to sleep.


When the phones go to Away, I can go into the settings and tap a few options, then they go back to Available.  But I can't do that every day.  


These are part of a call queue that has to have Presence Based Routing enabled as it has a mixture of users and common area phones. 


Thanks for any info!



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Hi @IanG562 


I don't know of a way on the Phones to keep changing the status. But even if the Phone goes into the Away mode they should still be able to receive the call in that presence.


In the Away mode are the Common Area Phones not receiving calls?

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Satish U

Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately no they are not receiving calls in that Away state. This is because I have Presence Based Routing enabled but I need it on as there are other agents who are taking calls from the queue. I was assuming common area phone account would not have a presence status when they are only signed into a phone.

But I must be mistaken. I was just hoping there was a setting on a policy setting I could use to keep them on Available or disable presence.

Hello, I am also experiencing the same issue with a similar configuration. Our Audiocodes teams phones are sometimes going away or offline when looking at the call queue, but on the devices they show available. Im looking forward to see if someone has a solution to this issue.
We have the same issue with our CAP phones and have been unable to find a solution.

Hi @eaadmin 


I could not find a fix either.  I ended up creating new user account and licensing them for Teams.  It does come at a cost but since I did that the phones have stayed Available all the time.


I would be interested in finding out if anyone uses a CAP account that stays Available all the time while only signed into a phone.

We just started having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution? We're opening a ticket now, and trying some things. I'll report back if anything works.

@IanG562 We have about 20 locations using 4 CAP accounts on YeahLink phones with Presence-based routing. It has been working fine for over a year. Suddenly, two branches started reporting that some phones were no longer ringing. Upon investigation, I realized they were going to "away" automatically. There must be some change recently that caused this new behavior. I'm trying to determine if changing anything in the ip-phone policy will make a difference, and I've opened a ticket about it. I suggest anyone on this thread open a ticket as well, because this seems to be a rare and specific setup issue, and is easily confused with other more general presence issues. 

We recently had a ticket opened with Microsoft and a few engineers called us to ask for more info and then they said it was out of scope for Microsoft teams support. We use Audiocodes phones, so we have opened a ticket with them to see where that gets us. Please reply if you find a solution. :)
I ended up moving off the CAP accounts and using normal user accounts. Which stinks as it comes at a cost. But when our yealink phones are signed in with normal user accounts they stay Available 99% of the time. So far there have been no complaints but it's still early our specific deployment.

I find using a contact center built on Teams to be pretty frustrating. There seems to be quite a few odd issues that come up that affect some users but not others. Then when attempting to troubleshoot it will work some calls, but other calls have issues.

We use Landis Contact Center which is great. But whenever we open a case, they point to MS. Then opening a case with MS takes forever to explain the issues again. Then MS will point to the phone vendor or back to Landis.

My failback plan is to just not use Presence-base routing as it does not seem to be reliable in Teams call queues. We will have to change how we work but hopefully a lot of these odd presence related issues will go away.

I am interested to see what you find.