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Colleagues, good day! How can I merge Azure Active Directory of different tenants, they do not have local domains, to communicate in MS Teams?

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Hi! Can you explain your scenario a bit more? What are these other tenants?

There is an azure active directory "company1" with user "user1" ... "user10". And there is also "company2" with user "user20" ... "user29". Domains only exist in Microsoft Azure.
It is necessary for users from "company1" to be able to communicate in MS Teams with employees from "company2" without using the employee's connection as an "external user".
The search must be end-to-end, entered a name in the search and an employee account appeared
There's basically three options:
* External access -> users will show as external users, you don't want this
* Guest access -> users will be added as guests into your tenant, they can chat, and when you look up a guest the experience is the same as for normal users. With guest access, the user will use their home tenant's authentication method (eg. sign in via their own Azure AD) to connect to resources in your tenant
* You add each user individually as a new account -> this is probably going to be a mess trying to manage, but there's nothing stopping you from writing a script that does this. There's no "out of the box" tool available from Microsoft for this

I would recommend using the guest approach in this case, but you need to make sure Azure AD and M365 settings are configured to allow guests. Once done, you can invite guests via the Azure AD portal or using scripts, etc.
This functionality is scheduled for November called Teams Connect. See

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Super news! I wonder if it can be used in some kind of beta testing (as it is)? It will also be interesting to know in which of the subscriptions it will be present? And how will it be assessed?
Thanks to Nicholas for sharing!