collaboration and coauthoring issues in teams

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Hey there, we are having an issue with collaboration using the Teams app- when a user opens a file from Teams directly and another user opens it they get an error that it is locked for editing.  However, when the user opens the same file in the Sharepoint site collaboration works!  Is anyone else noticing this?User InterfaceMicrosoft Teams

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Hi @Ethan Stern,


are you and your coworker working with the latest version of excel/Word?

Ist auto-saving turned on at both clients?


Maybe one of these links can help you out:



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This is a reported bug, so hopefully a fix will be rolled out at some point.

@Chris Webb Thanks, Chris!  Is there any documentation on the bug anywhere?


@Chris Webb is the bug only with the desktop clients (and same for Windows and Mac versions?)

I don't have any specifics, I've just seen that this was reported as a bug. I would still suggest calling it in if you guys can reproduce it which if it effects more people might be bumped in priority.

@Ethan Stern it is also a well-known issue when auto-saving is turned off or there are not the latest version of apps in use, have you checked this both?