Co-existence modes for on premise homed users post SFBO retirement

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Hi All,


Is anyone else having issues running post SFBO retirement when you have on premise homed users:


Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Identity -PolicyName SfBWithTeamsCollabAndMeetings

Invoke-CsCommandInfo : This user is hosted in the cloud, so you cannot assign an instance of TeamsUpgradePolicy with a mode other than TeamsOnly.


From this page


It states: "Co-existence modes continue to exist after retirement of Skype for Business Online. As before, users with accounts homed in Skype for Business Server on-premises can be assigned any coexistence mode except TeamsOnly. After retirement however, users homed online can only be TeamsOnly (in contrast to the present where Skype for Business Online users can be any mode)."


Checking the user they are listed as "On-Premise" in the admin portal and have HostingProvider : SRV: set as well.


This does seem like a bug.

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