Cloud Storage not visible on managed Android

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We have about 20 fully managed Android phones running Teams. We've added to a channel a cloud storage link to SharePoint. Up until yesterday (3rd of January 2023) this worked perfectly. However, now these aren't visible anymore.


Logging in with the same user on the web, non MDM (intune) managed smartphone (but still managed with MAM) do show the cloud storage folder.


Access rights (read) in SharePoint are ok, I can navigate to the location in Sharepoint via the URL. I've also excluded a device of all policies (MDM and MAM) but nothing changes. 


Anyone else who has this issue?

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Can you check with the users if the issue still persists? Seems to be an issue accessing the Cloud Storage from the managed devices. I suspect some updates on the servers causing the access issue.

Can you check if the issue still persists?

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@RealTime_M365 Hi Satish,


Just checked again on a test device and the Cloud Storage folder still isn't visible on Android. I'm not quite sure what else I can look into because on any other platform they do show up with that same user.