Cloned Team and Office 365 Groups

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Hi all


I have create a PowerAutomate flow for Teams request. Each time a MS Teams is requested it clones a team from a defined Team (that is functioning as a template). This works fine, and is done by Graph Api. But what I have experienced is, each of those cloned teams do not show up as Workspaces in my PowerBi, and I am not able to Discover Groups in Outlook for those teams. If I have the team ID and edit the Outlook url I am able to access the group in Outlook, but not through the UI.


But main concerne is, why is it not showing in PowerBi, this is a set-back if this is true. If I create  a Team by creating a O365 group first, and then adding a team to it, it will show up in PowerBi.



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Not sure what dictates its visibility in PowerBi and have certainly when looking at a Unified Group via the Graph have seen nothing PowerBi specific.

However I do know that when creating a Group as part of Teams on the Teams side of things it intentionally hides its visibility in Outlook to keep people more on course for its intended purpose or at least perceived purpose.

When I have done a provisioning process, I have always created the group first and set the hidden from outlook settings to mimic as if it was created in Teams. So you could look to the following and perhaps as part of your process update the underlying Group not Team with the desired visibility settings:

You never know it could help on the PowerBI side of things but I will have to test that one.

The visibility settings can also be set by way of PowerShell.