Clone a team issue

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My goal is to clone a team. I'm doing it in Azure function using Graph API (POST beta/teams/{id}/clone). According to Microsoft documentation the only way to use this API is through the "Delegated" permission. I have an Azure app setup that has all delegated permissions to the Graph API, I'm using this app (AppId and secret) plus user's credentials to get a token via oath2.0 pattern (after token acquired I can see that it has all needed permissions). Unfortunately when I run clone API I get a "Access Denied. Failed to execute Skype backend request GetThreadRequest." error. I can run GETgroup API and GET user API without any issues.


Looking for advice. Thank you.

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My issue has been resolved. We found out that some time ago PowerShell command was executed to take away permission to create Teams from all users in the organization, accept for users, who were part of the specified admin group. After this setting was reversed, clone API started to work.
Hi Alex

would you please elaborate further
I am trying to clone team that contains several apps like planner, ppt, sharepoint however I keep receiving this error