Clicking the top folder selects it rather than opening it.

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In the Files tab, I have a list of folders and files.  If I click the folder at the top of the list, it selects the folder, but if I click on a folder further down the list, it opens the folder.


This looks like a bug to me

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Same problem here. Given that your post is only a couple of days old and this problem started for me in the past few days, I am guessing it is a bug from some recent update

This has been happening to me for a week or two as well and driving me crazy, especially because the folder I most frequently need is the one at the top of my list! If you click in the gray area above the folder list, it will de-select and then when you click a second time, it will work, FYI. But still hoping MS will implement a fix soon to save my sanity! :) @planespectre