Clicking a notification does not takes to the actual message delivered inside bot

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This is the behavior on Mac. I am not sure what happens on Windows.




Whenever a "message" arrives in my bot (an internally developed bot using MSFT Bot Framework) on Teams, I can see the "Activity" getting lit up communicating a fact that there is "some" notification. Also, when a message arrives,  I try to click on it on the top right-hand side (Mac default, I guess) of my screen.


However, I get landed inside "Activity" and not the bot, i.e. where the message has actually arrived. I would like to say that this is not the case when I am accessing the bot on the browser (Chrome only), however, I do not remember on top of my head.


So, is this a consciously known behavior (or, Teams issue) that cannot be fixed? Or, can we do something about it being the bot developers?

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@AvineshwarTexas Is this experience on Teams built-in (purple) or mac native notifications? You can change notification style (Setting > Notifications > Notification Style) and test if it is same behavior for both?

@Tushar Pathak 

Teams built-in (purple)