Clarity Please - My Activity Tab Retirement in Teams

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I need clarification for the announcement MC411679 dated Aug 22, MY ACTIVITY (TAB) RETIREMENT IN TEAMS IN DESKTOP & WEB.


Please clarify.  Starting in November, will the Activity Tab located in Teams' left navigation is being permanently removed?


Is it safe to say all "my" activity directed to me remains in the Chat tab under Activity


Please clarify. So, how do I review "my" Activity that I created, posted, or initiated? 




Idea: The Unread Toggling feature is rolling out soon.  Can we expect the same functionality for Activities Directed To Me & Initiated By Me in the Chat Tab under Activity?







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@Teresa_Cyrus It's not very clear from the messages is it.


My understanding is that what's retiring is the specific view within Activity that filters My Activity, see



The feed will still be there, and activity will still be in other locations. In addition, a new switch will appear to only show unread activity.

Hi @Steven Collier 


Ok.  This makes more sense to me now. 


  • The Feed drop-down will capture all messages directed to me. I have the option to toggle Read/Unread.  That's good.
  • And the Activity Tab under the Chat Tab displays all my initiated posts.  I like how the date and location of the post are displayed, and you can navigate to it. (They should have included this statement in the Message Center. I would not have freaked out. Lol.)


Thanks for the clarification.