Choose where is located the folder of each channel

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I have a sharepoint with a "Customer" folder at the root.

I also have about 8 other folder at the root of my sharepoint.
In this Customer folder, I have one folder per customer.
This is how my business is working since 2 years.

Now we want to use Teams.
I want to create a channel per customer.


But when I create my channel it automatically create a new folder at the root of my sharepoint.


I don't want that because it messed up how we organized folders.
I would like to choose the folders that already exists which are located into root/Customers/*


How to do that ?

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Hi @Fangh1150 ,

sorry to say that but there is no other way in Microsoft Teams.

Each newly created channel will result in a new folder when we are looking in the corresponding SharePoint doc library. And there is no way to change it.

When you are working with private or shared channels, it will create a new SharePoint site, too.

You can find more details here.


Did you try to use the SharePoint doc library tab in Microsoft Teams? Perhaps this helps to organize your Teams better. One option could be to create a Channel for each customer and add a SharePoint Documents tab in each and link it to the separate customer folder from your existing SharePoint infrastructure.

Hello. this is what I tried :

I have one site : MySite (without Teams)
in this site I have a library with :
=> Folder 1
=> Folder 2
=> Folder 2.1
=> Folder 3

I have another site : MyDiscussionSite (with teams).
With a library :
=> General
=> MyCustomerChannel

I want MyCustomerChannel to point to "Folder2.1"
So I created a Sharepoint Library Tab in this channel.

I tried to put the link to "Folder 2.1" when setuping the Sharepoint Library Tab but it only let me choose "Root" folder and not "Folder 2.1"
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@Fangh1150 , please add the Website tab instead of the SharePoint Doc Lib and check if it fits better. You can enter the full SharePoint URL including a subfolder. The SharePoint Doc library tab is more integrated and the preferred one. But if you need to link a subfolder of document library, the Website tab work better, I guess.

It works but now I have a tab "website" that I renamed "Folder" and a tab "Files" that I won't use. How to delete/hide it ?