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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Checklists and Polls Messaging extensions

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Does anyone have any info on Road Map item 57022 for "two new types of messaging extensions - Checklists and Polls?" According to the road map they are launched but I can't find them or any information about them.

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Hello @Kevin Hoyt 

When you open a new chat window and click on the three dots at the bottom, do you see this?



Screenshot 2020-09-24 142632.png

Screenshot 2020-09-24 142658.png

@ThereseSolimeno, thanks for the response. No, I do not in either my work tenant which is locked down to Microsoft apps or my personal tenant which is open to all apps. Is it something that has to be enabled?

@ThereseSolimeno - I have opened a ticket with support and was told that although the road map says this feature is rolled out it is not. It is only available for Microsoft tenants, not for general tenants. My support rep was able to confirm that with his support account in a Microsoft tenant and his personal tenant that is not a Microsoft tenant. Hopefully he will be able to get the road map updated to the correct status.

@ThereseSolimeno What if I don't have access to the three dots? How can I get access to them?

Hi @RBG27   Do you see the three dots in the bar on the left?  Same thing....



@ThereseSolimenoYes, thanks for the assist.  

How can I get it to open within the context of the channel in which I want to do the poll? Thanks in advance for the help.