Chats randomly disappear

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Hi there.

The past month my team and I have noticed sections of our chats with each other disappear. It happens in chunks, none of us are deleting stuff as this would be unsensible. This is getting really frustrating as we rely heavily on our chats to refer back to lists, links and comments for our work.


I have the latest update installed so that's not the issue either.

Any advice? 



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Does it disappear for everyone? The same “chunks”? Is it still gone if you do a full logout of Teams and log back in?
Is it missing if you use the web client?

Same here. It happens on the desktop client not on the web client where everything is fine. I do a full uninstall and re install and the whole chat appears for all conversation again.

I wanted to check two things:-
1. Are there any specific user facing the issues or all the users in the organization are facing the same issues?
2. Have the admin of the M365/Teams made any changes to the policies like sensitivity label on the set of accounts which are facing the issues?

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1 We do not know if all user facing this issue because it is not on all your conversation and not all of it only piece of it but it apparears that more and more users notice this issue.
2. I do not know about this but it works perfectly in Web Teams.
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