Chats are not sync between desktop and mobile app

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Hello everybody, 


I think I am experiencing an issue with my chat sync between the Desktop and the mobile version of Teams.


As you can see of the files attached you, there's a conversation on the desktop version but I can't see anything on the mobile one, and when I search for conversation, they indeed appear but I can't click on any of them


Thank you



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when you have sync issues, usually sign out and sign in on the clients will fix any cache issues.

Hi Chris, 


I did try that, and furthemore, I tried on another device and it's still the same.


Do you think there's a setting I need to change in the Office 365 admin panel ? 



Hi! Theres no settings for this..
Are you the only one! Only the mobile not catching up?
If you login via the web, Will you see all the latest chat?
If so its probably something with your app on the mobile! Try deleting the data from settings or reinstall the app


Hi Adam, 


Thank you for your answer, when I login I can see indeed all the chats.

But I just noticed something weird on the mobile app, my status shows "Unknown" as opposed to the Desktop and Web version where it shows "Online" and in addition, I can find the team that I created on the Desktop.


Sorry again but this is all very confusing.



Dont you see your teams in the mobile app? If so it seems you logged in with the wrong account



I logged in the right account since when I search for a contact I find the ones in my organisation and also the conversations but I can't click on them (like the files I attached)

Ok! Have you tried uninstall - reinstalling?

I have seen the issues in desktop not on the mobile.


In the mobile apps automatically sync every time you open or use them. You can also pull down to refresh your messages.


in the desktop the banner appears at the top of the app containing a Refresh link. Click the link to restart your app; you should be fully synced once everything is up and running again.

Your other option is to manually restart the app by right-clicking the icon in your dock (Mac) or task bar (Windows) and selecting Quit. After you quit, just click the app icon to open it again.


Refer :



Refreshing the desktop, checking for udpates and rebooting the PC all did not work.  Signing out of MS Teams from the desktop and then signing in again resolved the problem as @Thuyavan Ganesan indicated.  Thank you!


We are experiencing the same issues here is there any progress on this issue.  


@Jschnur I have ALWAYS has this issue when trying to use Teams Vs Skype. 

So just to clarify... Teams IS supposed to sync conversations (chats) across desktop and mobile devices then?  


It almost appeared to me that if I got the message on one device, I would not get in on any of the others.... and if I got the message on no devices, it eventually sends me an email with the message.


Someone else please chime in here and let us know if this is expected or if we can indeed expect Teams to Sync all devices?



No, messages read from the same service on all devices, so all messages should show on any device. The only thing that can be different is notifications. You get these depending on settings on your mobile device apps when you are not active on your desktop by default. Which means you are idle for 3 mintues I think then you will get push notifications unless you have the option on to always send to mobile. E-mail notifications only come into play when the options are set in notifications and you are idle more than 5 minutes on either desktop or mobile device, then you get e-mail, but this is buggy.

But as far as messages / history etc. They should be the same across all devices, which is usually the case, once in awhile the desktop app can have it's cache act up and sign out / in clears that and usually syncs back up fine.

@Thuyavan Ganesan 

This worked to resolve this same issue for me.