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As you can see from this screenshot, chat is not available to me on teams, but it is available to other employees.  Is there a setting that has been shut off?  How can this happen?

Chat not availableChat not available

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AFAIK, two causes which may cause this to occur is 1.) you being in Skype Only mode rather than Teams only/Islands
Mode or 2.) private chat being disabled in the Teams admin console in the Teams messaging policy. It’s a back end setting not one in the Teams client.

Can you check with your admin that is one of these two causes?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best, Chris

Thanks, I checked both of these at the admin center and they appear to be correct.  See attached screenshots. @Christopher Hoard 

Hmm ok. A few other things to try

1.) Log out completely of teams and back in, try to also clear the cache using this article: - log back in and see if this works
2.) Can you see the chat tab on the web version at
3.) If yes to both, try applying a new custom messaging policy to your user in the Teams admin console
4.) If 3 does not work then revert to previous policy and then re-apply the Teams Only mode on the user via Powershell using this article: - see if that fixes

If all 4 of these fail to display the chat tab then it would likely be a raise to support to see the reason as doing all of the above, all mainstream causes would be ruled out.

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris
So is this fixed? Lol.
Waiting to hear back!

@Christopher Hoardthank you very much for your explanation!


I had the same problem, and I followed your suggestions :

- Switched to Islands mode

- Cleaned the cache


Now it finally works!


I was also facing the same issue for desktop application but re-signing worked for me :smile:

Had the same problem, and a sign-out and then a sign-in fixed it.

Chat is visible again now.

(Restarting Teams did not help)