Chat is visible to users who declined a Teams meeting invitation

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Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon a Teams meeting behaviour which I did not really pay attention to until I was asked.

It is not an issue or problem, the question is, is the following behaviour by design? And did it change recently?


We noticed the following:

  • if someone gets a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation,
  • the person declines the invitation
  • the person still gets access to the declined Teams meeting chat.
  • the person who declined will see when the Teams meeting takes places
  • the person who declined will see if someone who attends the meeting starts to chat
  • the person who declined will still be able to join the Teams meeting.
  • Users are on Exchange Online and Teams-only
  • Users are internal ones


Is this behaviour by design?

And did this behaviour change recently or did I just not notice this before?

Is this anyhow adjustable? Any configuration option for this? Yet, I haven't found one.




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Just because I was busy and had to decline the meeting does not mean that I shouldn't be able to see the conversation or maybe watch the recording
@erik365: We noticed this too.
@Ed Woodrick: OK, but if I'm invited to a meeting which I don't care about at all, then I don't want to bothered by the conversation chat.

Is there really no way to adjust settings here?