Chat in teams with External user has been closed and forwarded to Skype for Business

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teams_fail.pngHello together, we use Teams chat with other sister company. I´ve added all users as External ones and we used this solution for last six months.  

This Monday I have got information on the bottom of chat history:

"as a result of changes to the organisation policy, some chat and call features are no longer available" - please continue in conversation here (and link to Skype for business chat)

and chat has been closed. 

I´m not able to re-open the chat again.

The strange point is that I can continue in chat on iPad and iPhone.

I have got reply from sister company that they changed nothing in setup of those users.

I would be really appreciated for any help from MS side.



Thank you in advance, Martin


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Can you ask the other company what's their current teams coexistence mode?

@Andres Gorzelany 


coexistense mode is set to "Islands" (I´m not sure about english translation)


I forgot one detail - this problem is not present at all users, only few ones.  We checked details at every user and all of them have same settings.

I see, is there a difference between the TeamsUpgradeEffectiveMode of those users?

@Andres Gorzelany 

Hi Chris from the sister company here.
Where do i find this setting?

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You can query that with Get-CsOnlineUser from the Teams PowerShell module

@Andres Gorzelany 


try my best to figure out how to use power shell. will come back asap.