Chat in Teams doesn't pop up to the top of the chat list when the meeting starts/ends

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Hello Everyone,

Could you please help me with the following issue?
I've set up a series of meetings, but the chat after the meeting is not created. And it's not available when I start searching for the chat via Teams Search.

I've tried to set up the meeting 2 times, but the issue remains.

Thank you


UPDATE: When I signed out and then signed in I was able to find the meeting chat via Teams Search, but then when I closed the chat I'm unable to find it via Teams Search once again.

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Hi, try also and sign out of Teams from top right corner (not only restart) as that will clear some cache. Other than that you have the chat settings in your "Meeting options" and this is a detailed article as how "Chat in a Teams meeting" works that might explain things further


Hi, thank you for your advice.

Actually, I've signed out and then signed in, now I can see the meeting chat but at the bottom of the list of all chats that I have.

Same for other meeting attendees - they don't see the chat at the top of their list of available chats, but for the rest of the meetings, the chat is brought up in the list after each meeting.

I would probably just pin the chat then (select the ... next to it and "Pin").
The major problem, that I cannot ask 25+ attendees to do the same thing :)
Some of them will be using the old chat, the rest ones - the new pinned one.
This is the problem and I've been struggling with this for 4 weeks, trying different settings, rescheduling meetings, etc.
So all users have the same problem? You only pin the chat for yourself. Verify in Teams on the web if you're having the same issue.

And in general. When the meeting starts again it should pop up to the top in the list as it becomes active. You should actually try it. Start a couple of test meetings to see how your chat view populates.
Yes, all the attendees have the same issue, they see the chat at the bottom of their chat list, however, we have a call every day, but the chat does not pop up to the top of the list.

Some of my meetings pop up to the top of the list, but for some of them this doesn't work. I tried different options and settings, and even tried to set the meetings from a different account - still for some meetings this issue persists.
Sorry cannot reproduce your problem. If you're not an admin yourself reach out to that person and have him/her create a support ticket from the M365 admin center portal.


Maybe this could help - all chats have dates specified (including those reoccurring), and the one that does not pop out to the top of the list - does not have the date. However, the meeting took place just a couple of hours ago.

Seems like a forwarding then with no direct invite leading to you and the others "temporarily joined the chat" so after the meeting you get either "xxx no longer have access to the chat" and/or "You can't send messages because you are not a member of the chat" if wanting to type anything.

This also happens when the meeting chat option set to "in-meeting only". You should read the article below.

Indeed, some of the members join the meeting with other accounts, so they cannot send messages in the chat after the meeting - and this is the expected behavior.
But if the members join the chat with the account to which the invite was sent, then the expected behavior is that they have access to the chat (and they do if they find it either in their list of the chats or using Teams search) and the chat pops up to the top of the chat list after each meeting. The latter one does not work.

Chat option "in-meeting only" is disabled. In fact, the members can message in the chat but do not see the chat at the top of the list.

Hi, if you're certain these are not forwarded invitations I still recommend you continue this with the official support. If you're not an admin yourself reach out to that person and have him/her create a support ticket from the M365 admin center portal. In addition to that you can also provide feedback from the Teams client (bottom left Help?)
If someone actually chats in the chat it should move it to the top no? I always found it easier to just go to the meeting in the calendar and click the chat tab there, or the hove card "chat with participants" and it'll take you to that meeting chat.
That’s what I thought too Chris. Because that’s how it works. But no, not even when active in the chat.