'Chat function disabled for this user'

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We have a user who is missing the chat function on their Teams account. The weird thing is, this user has the same permissions, Office365 license as all our other users, but Chat is missing. We've tried the suggested fixes, clearing cache, creating new account, double/checked permissions in Teams Admin. There is literally nothing different from this account to all the others, but they dont have the chat button/function? Anytime someone tries to chat with them they receive the person gets 'Chat function disabled'.  Affected user in on Win 10, generic Dell laptop with nothing security wise blocking


Any help appreciated!

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@Joebloggs1080 Are the policies (specifically the messaging policy) the same for this user? 

Hey @Steven Collier 


Yes same policies as all other users. I actually fixed the issue by recreating the account (3rd time lucky!)



Can you share the screenshot of the Messaging policy applied to the user? How about the web or mobile?