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Is there a way to remove the separate Chat Feed and just have each chat in its own Team 'room?' I have over 20 Teams and this would be so much simpler to follow and more efficient if I could just have a notification on the Team rather than this never ending long list of chats in one feed. It's driving me crazy to be honest. :facepalm: 


Help ..........


Thanks in Advance.

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Not really sure if you’re talking about the posts tab in the many teams you have or the private chat part! Anyway, there’s no way to reorder/change or alter this setup unfortunately!

Make sure to set up your notifications correctly and you’ll be good :)


@adam deltinger Hi Adam, Sorry. I am ok with the Post tab in the Teams, in fact that's where I want everything to stay. In its own Team. Its the Activity app on the side of screen that also shows all these posts in one long feed, regardless of which team that person is in, which I don't want to see and the extra chat app on the side of the screen where ppl can talk to me outside of aTeam that I don't want either. I cant seem to stop them through settings. 

Being part of an organisation is it possible that someone else has decided what we need to see in the apps on the side? When i try to unpin an app its bounce straight back with the below msg.



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For activity feed, go to your profile icon - settings- notifications and set to off if you don’t want any notifications at all for chat or anything else..Don’t really recommend doing it though..
Your admin has a policy set to have chat icon pinned it seems. Also private chat is à feature that is realt handy to use! For exempel of you just want to reach out to someone privately or someone not part of your teams

@adam deltinger Thanks Adam, I will struggle through. I will have to keep notifications on of course and everyone I work with is in a Team so I don't need the extra chat and we have staff whats app for private msgs. Its only a problem for me as a teacher because I am new to this college and don't know all the students yet. Working remotely means that if one student talks to me on chat, outside of their subject (class) Team room I have to work out what subject I teach them first, what year they are and what grp/ Team classroom they are in, before I can answer a simple question like. ...'Can you help me with number 3' .........Its a very inefficient way to work of course so I was hoping to keep everyone's chat posts in their respective Teams so I would know who they were immediately. As you can imagine now students have access to their teachers outside of their timetabled 1.5hr lesson its like a free for all in my chat and activity feeds......

Thank you for trying to help me though.....:smile::smile:

I’m sure this problem isn’t yours alone though! I’d reach out and talk to IT about this, but foremost just tell students to use the teams for communication!

There are features that prohibits certain parts to communicate in private chats, for example students and teachers.


@adam deltinger Hi Adam, that's great. I will stop students being able to private chat! Perfect. I have emailed our IT department to see if they are our Admin for Teams too... Many thanks!

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