Chat button missing in a Teams Meeting?

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We had a Teams Meeting with around 150 people and a bunch of people didn't have the Chat button to click in the action bar to open the side panel.  I had the issue and accidentally left the meeting and went back in and then I had the button.  After the meeting was over, lots of people reported they didn't have the chat button so they couldn't submit questions to the meeting.


Does anyone know if this is a known issue or why it might have happened and if there's a way to make it not happen again?  :)



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@HannahH2020 Unfortunately they are already using the desktop client and we are in a GCC tenant and we do not have the option for 'turn on new meeting experience'. We are resetting that person's Teams policy on the back end to see if that fixes his issue. 

@Mike Boehmyes my chat button is gone too but I think my situation is different my normal chat button is fine but the button to chat with your friends or for example, my sister the button is gone like it was never there I don't know what to do I've tried everything.


I faced the issue with chat today while connect using the Teams desktop app. we have more than 100 people in the meeting and it worked after I rejoin the meeting after some time.

We've seen this as well, typically larger meetings but most recently in a 40 person meeting.  We had submitted a ticket a couple months back and Microsoft confirmed throttling on our tenant caused the issue.  We did go a few weeks without the issue being reported after limits were increased, but we are now seeing this issue again.

My meeting experience is similar. All meetings with 20 or fewer people. Some people seem to randomly get excluded from chat during the meeting. I clued into not assigning a channel for the meeting as that impacted. But, still experiencing it with meetings with no channel selected and doesn't seem to matter whether free or paid teams environment.

@HannahH2020 I use the desktop client and have the "new meeting experience" turned on, and the chat feature is still unavailable on some of my Teams meetings -- this is not a fix.

Sorry to hear that adriet - I was sharing some info that had helped my colleagues. I haven't had problems with chat using the full desktop app recently, so i'm not sure what to suggest... Maybe you need to speak to your Microsoft contact for advice?
I only had 6 people in meeting but only 4 people had the chat button,very strange

@Mike Boehm  i don't have a chat box on the microsoft team

@Mike Boehm we're having the same issue. Our Teams has been updated because the organizer of the meeting has break-out rooms option.


Chat disappeared for all of us and when I try to chat through the non-meeting window I get the notification below. Note that I was in the meeting when I received this:


In my case, the meetings series had the channel set to a team's channel to what some attendees were not members.


The quick "solution" is to add those attendees to that team, but this probably defeats the purpose of having a team.


Our "solution," since we cannot remove the channel, was to stop the series earlier and create a new one without a channel.


I am sure it is something Microsoft could fix.

I am having a similar issue, however, not in an official business meeting setting.  I am a secondary teacher and several of my students are using Android phones to tune into our online classes.  The chat feather is a vital part of this online learning process as most students don't want to show their faces or speak out loud [insert eyeroll].


I've read over all these posts and don't see anything that helps in my situation.  Would love if Microsoft could fix this glitch.  My student has uninstalled and reinstalled the Teams app on the phone. 


Thanks for any solutions available.  


In our experience we've found the chat can be difficult to find when joining Teams from a phone. 

I'd ask the students to try viewing in landscape and if they tap the screen the chat button should appear.

We've had users report that the chat on a phone often appears in the top right of the screen on the header not on the floating control bar.

Hope my suggestions help with your issue :)


This is Microsoft guidance:

Once you've joined a meeting on the mobile app, you can:

  • Tap the meeting to see the meeting header where you can return to the team channel or chat, start a chat with participants, or add people from your team to the meeting

  • Tap in the meeting for the meeting controls such as audio, video, and hang up.

  • Pinch to zoom in and out when someone is sharing their desktop.

@HannahH2020 it's happening to me now and we only have 3 people on. Worked fine on my desktop but not my laptop for some reason.


@Lucia_Downton same thing happened with me for about 6 months now many people kept saying to leave and rejoin yet that didnt work for some including me everyone is getting mad and frustrated please anyone in the microsoft agency FIX THIS PLEASE

@Mike Boehm 

I have this issue in a meeting with only about 10 participants. I finally figured out that the organizer created the meeting from a "Channel" in MS Teams and if you are not a member of the team, you don't get to chat.

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are there any OSX / Mac based solution out there? We use Teams too :)
Now we can repro the similar issue.
My child use Office365 for the online classes of public school.
We have a win10 surface book and iPad Pro 2021 which can login Teams through Office365 accounts. Which means we can experience the Teams' function through different devices and platforms.
Now we find the Chat button on iPad surprisingly disappeared, it has been there at the beginning, meanwhile there is no such problem for the Teams on Surface Book. Since we are using the same Office 365 account for login and we can join the Teams meeting without other problems, so in our case it is the Teams App on iPad OS lost chat button.