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With the latest Teams Update the possibility to send to the own user a chat is cool. But there is now possibility to add other apps like automation to the chat. during a group chat is this possible but not for the own user chat. We want to use is as a editor and send automatically from a chat note information to OneNote or Outlook or others apps.
Is this function deactivated for the user own chat ?



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Currently this is a roadmap feature for the Microsoft Product Team. The feature isn't released out for having the options of adding onenote and other application into the self chat.

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Satish U
do not get me worng but it would be great if a complete function will be provided. This option is not new like in the current meetings or chats in Teams since years.
Customers will honor a full complete function in the self chat function too.

We try to use it with autoamtion like create an note with a meeting appointment to add it in the outlook. But for now we havent't this possibility to use the great MS Power Apps togehter in this.

I hope MS will provide this soon in one of the next updates.

We really enjoy the MS Power Apps with Teams