Channels just Disappeared

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We just had several channels just disappear.  They were all newly created.  I can still see them in my mobile app but they are not on desktop or web and it appears to be org wide.

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@Christian Long i guess this has something to do with the current issue that is visible on the Office admin message center:




@Mitchell Bakker that very well may be it although it sounds a little different.  These were channels that were already created but they had all been created within that last 24 hours and were created via Microsoft Flow.  Its probably related so hopefully they just come back.  The fact this post mentioned inability to create channels gives me pause though.

Next update is on Friday (tomorrow), hopefully they appear again!
Keep me posted :grinning_face:

@Mitchell Bakker I have had the opposite of luck.  I had recreated them because I needed them.  They were there for about an hour.  Then they disappeared again.  I can still see that they were created in the feed of the General channel but the link goes nowhere.

This is still an issue.  We can have conversations in the app on our phones but not on desktop or web.  I have since created some other new channels that haven't disappeared but now I'm concerned that they will too.


I tried to pin a new channel and it said I couldn't have more than 25 pinned... I don't unless you count the phantom channels.  They exist - I just can't see them.

@Christian Long So if i understand it correctly you are able to see the channels on your mobile phone, but not via the desktop client or web client? 

@Mitchell Bakker 


Hello Mitchell

I am having a similar issue, of channel disappearing.

1 - our channel has been up and running for several weeks, with no issues.

2 - today March 31-2020 several team members cannot see the channel another.

3 - I am the creator of the channel and I do not see the channel anoymore


I hope this may help with your trying to find the bugs. please comeback with any updated for my problem. many thanks 




That sounds strange. 

So you are the creator, but are there any other Owners in the Team?

What you can do is click on the Team (where the channel was located) and click on "Manage Team". 

From here, go to the "Channels" section. 


Here you can see the active channels, but if there are deleted channels you will see them here as well. 

Please let me know if you see the missing channel here. 


If you find it here, for example under the deleted channels, you can restore the channel by clicking on "Restore" behind the channel. 


If you find the channel that you as missing under the "Active" section, try to see if you can locate the channel in the web client or mobile phone. Ask any of your colleagues. 


Still no luck? Guess it will be better to open a support case with Microsoft. 

Hope it will be solved with the tips from me. 


For now, 

Kind regards and Stay Healthy, 

Mitchell Bakker

@Mitchell Bakker that was exactly correct.  I could see them and even post to them and have conversations with others on them on Mobile.  They also could not see them on Desktop or Web and only on Mobile.  They did not show up in the manage channel section on the Desktop at all.  I could delete them from my phone though and they would show up in the feed in the General channel in the Team on the Desktop as having been deleted but still did not show up in the manage channels section in the deleted channels.  I ended up making them a third time and this time they have all stuck.


And - just now they have all come back except for the ones I deleted with my phone.  So now I have 3 channels with the exact same name which I didn't even think was possible.  Each of them point to the same Sharepoint file location.  That certainly feels like maybe it was a cache burp issue...

I had our IT submit a ticket to MS last week and I had gotten a couple emails asking if it had been resolved but had never gotten any updates so I have no idea if this was actually fixed or if it worked itself out.  Its not a big deal to delete the duplicates (and triplicates) but I hope it isn't counting towards my channel limit because I am near the top with the this Team since it is a legacy Team and I have several deleted channels that will never go away.


@Mitchell Bakker I have exactly the same problem. About half of my channels have disappeared today from desktop and web app. They are still visible on the phone.


Please help ASAP.


With kind regards,

This still must be an issue. I had 3 channels disappear. All appear on the mobile app but do not show on the web app or desktop versions.

@jbianchi - We've been having the same issue and it is negatively impacting patient care 

Any solution to this?
It's almost 2023. This issue still exists.
Here we are in 2024, and this just hit my org/environments.